What Security Guards Can And Cannot Do While On Duty?

Regardless of the size of the business you own, you must have thought about hiring the services of a security guard to protect your commercial building from all kinds of crimes. Well, before you act on that thought and actually hire a security guard, you must know what security guards have the right to do and what they cannot do.

First and foremost, we all know that security guards are quite similar to police officers. They both have uniforms, carry weapons, protect people and property, and are seen as figures of authority. However, you should know the difference between the two as security guards are not police officers. They don’t have as much authority as police officers do. Instead, they are professionals with certain limitations as to what actions they can take while on duty and what not.

In this blog, we will discuss what security guards can do and can’t do so that you know what you would pay for if you decide to hire security guard services for your commercial property.

What can security guards do?

While there are certain variations according to the laws and regulations of different countries, in general, security guards have the power and right to do the following.

  • Protect property:
    One of the most significant reasons why many business owners hire security guards is that they protect the premises. A security guard is delegated with certain responsibilities to protect the property, so as to keep the location as well as the personnel on-site safe from any crime or harm. Although they cannot indulge in illegal activities, they can ask suspicious people to leave the premises, and even question a person if they have probable cause to suspect that they have committed a crime.
  • Detain an individual:
    If a security guard thinks that a crime has been committed and suspects an individual to be the culprit, they are allowed to detain the individual in a reasonable manner. This means that they can use handcuffs or prevent the person from leaving the premises until the police arrive.
  • Using reasonable force:
    While on duty, if a security guard is required to use force against an individual for the safety of others and the property, then the reason must be justified. 

What security guards cannot do?

  • Use unreasonable force:
    A security guard is not allowed to use unreasonable force such as causing pain, using handcuffs in an improper way, using threatening and abusive language, and discriminate.
  • Detail individuals for an indefinite amount of time:
    They might be allowed to detain people for some time, but not for an indefinite period of time. They can keep the suspected individual detained until the police arrive but not longer than that.

Now that you know what security guards can and cannot do while on duty, you have a better knowledge about them and know what to expect from them, if you go on and hire one of the reliable security guard services.

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