There are two types of guards we offer – standard and specialised. Specialised guards are ex-armed forces guards, who provide another layer of ease with their protection and have learned militaristic mindsets due to having learnt them from their time serving their country. Our standard guards have not served in the military or armed forces, but they go through thorough training to have the same militaristic mindsets.
We do not provide security services for evicting tenants or anything related, such as keeping watch while a tenant picks up their property. This is an issue that the police will need to be present, not a security guard.
1st Shield was built upon a foundation of helping others, twofold. Firstly, we provide an advanced security service which provides more protection for each and every one of our clients. Secondly, we help veterans get back into work after leaving the ex-armed forces. There’s a wealth of military and army experience among our staff at 1st shield, both in our guards and our management team, so it’s close to everyone’s hearts.
Guards have the ability to perform citizen’s arrests and restrain people until police arrive.
We take requests for temporary and ongoing contracts with clients. Sometimes, for example, you have a one-off event you’re hosting, and you need a security presence. We’re here for you, no matter what.
Our guards will complete any requirement you need, whether it be patrolling the area, enforcing the policies and rules of your business, locking up at night, standing guard, protecting equipment, deterring troublemakers and thieves, and more.
Our standard uniform is a white shirt, black trousers, appropriate shoes, a heavy duty 1st Shield  security vest, a 1st Shield tie, their company lanyard, and depending on the weather, a heavy-duty jacket. If our guards are working an event, the uniform is a black suit, white shirt, tie, and dress shoes along with their company lanyard and ID. Appropriate PPE is also in place depending on the environment.

Our hiring process for permanent contracts includes sending over our quotation for our services and setting up a meeting with our Operations Manager, who visits the site and conducts a risk assessment, while having a more detailed conversation with the client to make sure we meet all of their requirements. We provide our client with staff profiles so that they can look at some of the guards we have in our roster.
Next, we create our Assignment Instructions document, which the client reads and approves of, and our guard then reads and signs to make sure they understand what’s needed of them at the site.
We provide a Daily Occurrence logbook for guards to log each and every one of their shifts, and we also provide an Incident logbook for guards to describe any incidents that have taken place on site. This information is sent back to our management team, and we compile reports for the client each week.
We then arrange monthly client review phone calls to talk to the client in detail about the service to get feedback. Every 3 months, a member of our management team visits the site for a client review, as well as to observe and assess our guards and their performance.

For our temporary contracts, we send over a quotation and once the client is happy, the invoice is paid before the service takes place. We check in with the client and go over the details for the contract, as well as the requirements needed. After the contract, we check in with our clients for feedback to make sure they’re happy with the service we provided to them.


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