Important Facts about Residential Burglary and Security Service

For burglars, the lockdown period due to COVID-19 was the best opportunity to loot commercial properties because offices were closed or working with limited staff members. But, there was no such option for residential buildings. They were and are still under threat. In other words, residential properties are under the radar of thieves and burglars for all 365 days a year.

One of the main reasons for burglary in residential properties is the lack of security service. Yes, it’s true. As compared to commercial properties, the residential security service in London is less. Rarely, there are security guards on the main gate or in any other problematic corners. This carelessness of the homeowners gives a big opportunity to the thieves.

Another problem that leads to residential burglary is the lack of information. Homeowners take decisions and precautions based on old thoughts. Lots of things have changed but still, homeowners think that the pattern of burglary is the same. But unfortunately, they aren’t.

In this post, we will discuss a few facts related to residential burglary and security services.

Most burglaries don’t happen at night

One of the biggest misconceptions- theft or burglary means at night. Today, the burglars are smart and they know that things are a bit secured at night. Also, there is silence all over the place, which makes the noise more audible.

On contrary, most break-ins actually occur during the day. The time slot is between 10:00 AM and 03:00 PM because houses are likely unoccupied during these hours of the day. Even if burglars break the windows or a door, they will draw less attention from the homeowners and nearby people. Sometimes, theft during the daytime is possible for thieves even if houses are occupied.

Most burglars enter from the front door

Another biggest misconception on the minds of the homeowners- burglars use the back or any hidden door to enter so that they don’t get caught. But, you will be surprised to know that most burglars use the front door. They knock on the door to confirm if the house is occupied or not. Once they are confirmed, they proceed with the break-in.

Other than the front door, things that make burglary easy for burglars are open windows and unlocked doors. To avoid such situations, you should keep the windows and doors locked even during day time. Also, you should install home alarm systems, which include motion detectors and glass-break detectors. These systems will alert you when windows or door is opened or broken.

An average burglary takes only a few minutes 

Theft or burglary is not a lengthy process because the thieves are afraid of getting caught. They don’t analyze things after entering the house. They either the plan burglary process in advance or pick up everything they see. They grab the things as quickly as possible and get out of the area.

To keep your things safe, you should keep your valuables locked up or out of the site. You should make sure nothing is visible to people entering your room. With this, the thieves will be pressurized to leave your house before finding anything of high value because they cannot stay for long. Other than this, you should have a team of professionals, providing residential security service in London.

If you are informed, you can protect your residential property now and forever.

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