How many security guards do I need in London?

When planning about your commercial building’s safety and security, the number of security guards you need varies based on different factors, such as the type of building, the number of entrances, foot traffic, the location of your building, and so on. Seeking the assistance of the best security companies in London is not limited to securing your site from criminals and trespassers but also extends to create a friendly, intuitive, safe, and easy experience for your visitors.

  1. Security for Building Front

The role of a front security guard is often multifaceted. If your building has a separate lobby area, the front security guard is usually the first port of call for new visitors, who will be greeted, guided, and documented. Depending on the foot traffic on your premises, you may need more than one security guard at the front of the building so that if a security guard is called for further guidance by visitors, the front doesn’t remain unguarded. Thus, having at least two security guards for the front security can help you ensure a smooth visitors’ experience along with enhancing the security of your premises.

  1. The Type of Premises

Different types of premises have different security needs. For large buildings where sensitive information is stored or that require strict access control, you will obviously need more dedicated security guards to cover different floors and rooms. On the other hand, for small firms with a single entrance and limited floor space, one front security guard might be enough to keep an eye on the activity.

  1. Location of the Building

When your office building is located in an area like London which is a quite busy city with a high level of hustle and bustle, you must consider investing in hiring a front security guard, regardless of the size of the building. Having a front security guard works as a visible deterrent and keeps your building safe from petty thefts and trespassers. However, if you think your building is under possible threat, you should contact your security agency to create a solid security plan.

  1. Number of Entrances

Larger buildings often have multiple access points, thus, you can understand how easy it becomes for antisocial elements to filtrate such buildings. You should hire security guards to station them at each entrance to keep your building safer if your building has several entrances. This way, your entire premises can be surveyed at any given time without compromising its security.

  1. Foot Traffic

If your commercial building receives more foot traffic than regular buildings, it is crucial to assess your security needs closely with an open mind. With higher traffic, an intrusion is easy in any building. So, you should hire more security guards to keep an eye on people entering and leaving your building. The same goes for special events and conferences. With a throng of visitors streaming in, multiple security guards are required to maintain a high level of security. Besides, it will speed up admittance and minimize waiting time while maintaining proper security procedures.

Thus, before you hire security guards for your building, it is always better to invite the best security companies in London to perform a security survey and get insights on what kind of security you need, how many security guards you need, and if you will also need a dog handler or patrol security.

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