Commercial Security: Types of Businesses That Are More Prone to Crime

For businesses, several security issues such as staff safety, asset protection, and data security need to be addressed carefully by professional security guards to maintain peace and stability. While such issues are faced by all kinds of businesses, some types of businesses where the demand for commercial security companies in Londonis even greater and crucial. These businesses need to implement a strategic security plan to prevent crimes such as burglaries, assaults, fires, and unauthorized intrusion.

Types of Businesses that Are More Prone to Theft and Violence

  1. Wholesale & Retail Stores:

Wholesale and retail establishments across all sectors experience the highest levels of crime. According to the 2018 Commercial Victimization Survey, 10.1 million crimes were recorded in the 2018 year alone in the UK.

  1. Accommodation and Food Businesses:

The crime rate against businesses in the accommodation and food sector is also very high as 5,000 incidents were recorded per 1,000 premises, as per the same report mentioned above.

  1. Construction Sites

The trend of continuous rise in construction site theft is hard to ignore, especially after the lockdown. Reports of thieves raiding the building sites, stealing expensive equipment, tools machinery, and materials have only increased in the last couple of years.

  1. Shopping Malls

Most shopping malls are victims of customer thefts as cases of shoplifting are common in this sector. Many thieves pose as customers and steal stocks in shopping malls. Besides, employee theft also accounts for significant losses.

  1. Gas Stations

At gas stations, the protection of staff against violent crime is very important. So is the keeping an eye on the consumers who use containers that are not fit for filling fuel!

  1. Convenience Stores

Crimes against workers in convenience stores have become more common as these workers are responsible for enforcing laws related to age-restricted sales and restricted goods. Therefore, conflicts over such types of sales trigger violence and abuse. Many times, workers are left alone to handle dangerous situations that put their physical and mental well-being at risk.

  1. Banks

Banks are responsible for the security of funds and accounts for their customers and also their staff and visitors. That’s why banks have a greater need for private security guards to maintain order inside the bank, handle hostile customers, and protect the facility from robberies.

  1. Museums

Since museums showcase articles and items that have significance in one or another form and their values are quite high, there are more security guards needed than any other position. Though the number of crimes is not as high, it doesn’t take long for museums to become a victim of major thefts if their security is not robust.

  1. Restaurants and Hotels

While crime-related issues in the hospitality industry can arise for any number of reasons such as violence after getting drunk, heated arguments, and not making full payments, the crime committed by so-called influencers is also increasing at a rapid pace. Many influencers with large followings tend to think that they are entitled to freebies in terms of accommodation and food. Once they are denied, they make scenes and threaten businesses for defamation.

Commercial security companies in London that have elite ex-military security personnel make the perfect choice for these high-risk businesses. If you also fall under these categories of businesses and haven’t hired trained security guards yet, it’s high time to take action and strengthen the security of your business.

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