6 Reasons Why Ex-Military Makes Best Security Guards

Ex-military personnel transition into security guard jobs more easily than other professions. Despite the recession spurred by COVID-19, the need for skilled and deft security officer services is dramatically rising. When it comes to security, especially of high-level, ex-military make the best security guards. If you are also planning to hire security services, here is why you should choose ex-military security guards.

  1. Stringent Background Check

When you hire a security guard, you are hiring someone who you don’t know to take care of your property, assets, and employees/loved ones and that means the person must be reliable and trustworthy at all levels. Since ex-service members go through intense background checks for security clearance in the military, you can stay worry-free about their background and history.

  1. Disciplined and More Alert

Undeniably, military training is way more rigorous and challenging, which makes these individuals highly disciplined and aware of their surroundings. They stay alert all the time and are trained to act faster even in a crowded venue despite the high-level of audio and visual stimulations. In fact, you will find no guard better than an ex-military security guard when it comes to making quick judgments and quicker actions if any threat appears.

  1. Better knowledge of when to use arms and when not

Military individuals are trained and taught to cautiously warn first and shoot last even in dangerous warzones. This means it is highly unlikely that any innocent person is harmed by an ex-military guard accidentally. This quality and training make them more accountable, credible, and dependable security guards.

  1. High-Tech Exposure

Even civil security now involves high-tech assignments that demand experience in video analytics, access control, and biometric technologies. Ex-military guards often have a long-time exposure to these high-tech devices, systems, and software.

  1. Better Understanding of Continual Learning and Improvement

Ex-military guards understand the importance of self-improvement, learning, and training. It is not only essential for their personal growth and development but also for the security of highly sensitive areas. Military veterans, who are trained to survive the rigors of war, know how crucial continual training is for a successful mission no matter if they are in Afghanistan or at the corporate headquarter of a company.

  1. Wider Range of Qualities and Abilities

The physical security sector is full of opportunities where individuals not only work as security guards but also site supervisor, district manager, and vice-president positions within a security company. Ex-military individuals are known for qualities required for such profiles, including battle-tested real-world experience, trainability, adaptability, bankability, and the ability to offer security in extreme situations and evolving circumstances. Military training breeds leadership and therefore, ex-military security guards better know how to command authority while still maintaining proper protocol.

Hiring ex-military security guards also means you are providing them with an opportunity to make a stable living. Many ex-service men and women can fall through the cracks of society and struggle to get a decent job or even keep a home. Giving them honor, respect, and preference in the social security industry can greatly support them. Thus, when it comes to hiring security services, going for ex-military security guards is a win-win for everyone.

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