5 Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Professional Residential Security Guard

With the increase in crime rates in London, it has become essential to have someone who can guard and protect you from becoming a victim to these crimes. While you can have a wide range of technology deployed at your property to add to your feeling of safety, nothing can replace the human surveying the area.

Security guards from law enforcement agencies can protect you from crime scenarios that can take place in or near your property. So, hiring home security services in London is highly beneficial, especially for residential properties that are spread over a large area.

Here are some of the duties and responsibilities that security personnel have to execute.

  1. Crime prevention

Preventing crime is always on the priority list of a security guard since it is their job to watch suspicious things, prevent burglaries and deter criminal activities. They do not carry out offensive tactics like arresting criminals. A professional security guard would know how to handle the situation without creating much chaos.

  1. Immediate Response

When something goes wrong, it is often difficult to react appropriately. A person can easily panic during such a situation if they are a civilian. Professional guards are trained in a way that they remain conscious of making the right move. They stay alert to control the situation and sometimes call for the assistance if needed.

  1. Observe and report

When the security personnel are on duty they actively observe their surroundings. These observations can be done by monitoring the security camera system and building control.

Security personnel also have to give a detailed report to the respective authority of any suspicious activity that may include time, day, surveillance activity, occurrence and interviews.

  1. Communication

Communication is very essential when it comes to safeguarding a building full of people and valuable things. During a hazard or critical situation, the expert security guards communicate effectively and efficiently.

  1. Coordination

The security leader knows that the coordination among a team can help achieve every problem. Therefore, each of the security members follows the same security protocols and is ready to answer their team leader. The coordination of the security team becomes more crucial when the residential property is spread over a large area.

With the rise in technology, many people are now relying on CCTV cameras and other smart security systems. But one should never forget that these smart gadgets can only record and cannot take actions. Therefore, security guards are still considered the first line of defence for home security.

Professional security personnel are confident and ready to take charge of your property with full responsibility. Thus, hire home security services in London from a professional company and keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

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