Safeguarding the Next Generation–4 Ways to Keep Kids Safer at School

School safety has always been a concern for parents, caregivers, teachers and students alike, and the threat of danger presenting itself to children at school, can take many forms.

From abductions at the school gates, to armed assaults from disgruntled students, the kids of today have much more to contend with than just the school bully, and keeping children safe while they learn, has never been more difficult, or important.

Whether you’re the headteacher or governor of a school that has experienced security issues recently and want to do more to increase security, or whether you’re simply concerned that your pupils may not be well enough protected while being educated at your school, below are 4 simple ways to help keep kids safer at school, and protect our invaluable next generation:

  1. Employ a security service

This is undoubtedly one of the most effective steps you can take to safeguard the children at your school, and ensures that anyone without valid proof of permission to enter the premises, is turned away and kept away. From a physical presence, to checking visitors and pupils for weapons or illegal contraband, a security service is the additional layer of protection necessary to keep children and teachers safe at all times.

Should an incident occur inside the school (involving pupils for instance), you’ll have adequate manpower to deal with the situation safely, too.

  1. Ensure that school security and safety measures are in place and strictly followed

Something as simple as having visitors sign in when they enter the school, having them escorted, and giving them a visitor pass to wear, are all simple but effective school security measures you can take to help protect your pupils, but they’re only effective if they’re being strictly adhered to. Put a series of simple but effective security measures in place and make sure they are being followed, at all times. This includes making sure that staff are vigilant and that they know who they can report to should they see someone suspicious, or whom may not have permission to be there.

  1. Talk to your pupils about school safety

Making sure that your pupils understand what it means to feel safe at school, and that they know who they can talk to if they have any concerns, is a vital step towards keeping them safe, but you must give regular safety talks for this to be truly effective.

  1. Talk to parents and caregivers about school safety

Parents and caregivers of the children at your school also need to know what it is that you’re doing to keep them safe, and if you’ve recently employed a security service, or taken any other measures to increase school security, keep them in the loop and make sure they are informed at every stage. Allow them to voice their concerns freely should they have any, and take their feedback onboard.

Whether it’s a public or private school that you head or govern, the kids who study there have a right to be safe and protected at all times, and taking a combination of the above security measures, can help you better protect the valuable, next generation.

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