Ex Armed Forces

Our Ambitions

1st Shield aims to give back as a company by providing veteran soldiers the opportunity to start working again after leaving the armed forces. Many soldiers leave the armed forces and due to not being able to be employed, they struggle severely and a significant percentage end up living on the streets as a result. Our company is all about giving thanks to their efforts and service by giving them the opportunity to continue working and readjusting to living in our economy.

Our Approach

Due to our ethical, staff-centred approach, our workforce offers a professionalism, commitment and integrity that’s unmatched in the security business. We are always prepared to go that ‘extra mile’ to ensure service and quality. Many of our staff have an armed forces background, joining us from amongst the most prestigious renowned regiments and battle-honoured brigades. Their military experience ensures our team has the knowledge, training and mentality to succeed in even the most challenging security roles – it’s talent which is hard to find.

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