Construction Security

1st Shield Service is a security company that has worked in the security industry for a long time and has served a plethora of clients with efficiency. The positive responses and trust from the customers have helped us to reach this level and provide protection to you in the most efficient way. We’re confident we can provide you with an amazing team of security guards for both residential and commercial premises.
Our way of working is very flexible because we adapt and make changes as per the client’s requirements. We offer our security hire service package, but if it’s not suitable, we quickly create a bespoke package tailored to your situation and budgets. We work under a strict and scheduled plan that includes auditing the current situation, strategizing the security plan and then supplying the highly-trained personnel along with required security hardware and technology. We continuously assess and evaluate our services with your changing needs, and we’re even able to customize the package in the midst of the service and make it work for you. We care for the daily management of the security team so that we can constantly update you and take immediate action if required.

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