Worried About Your Business Property? Follow 5 Steps to Implement a Good Entry Control System

With the growth of your business, more and more people need access to your property. It’s because you hire more employees, experience visit of more clients and visitors. But in most cases, the entrants are neither part of your business nor knownto you. It means they are unidentified faces who can be a threat to your office premises.

As the risk on your property is significantly high, you should implement a good entry control system. Along with hiring a security guard in the UK, you should have great security practices for controlling the entry. The security guards will perform their assigned duties but your practices for controlling property accessibility will help them complete the job more effectively. Also, your property will be more secured.

You do not have to impact your business finance for increasing the security level on entry points; you just have to follow a few basic

You should use restricted keys

With so many people accessing your business property, you would require duplicate keys to distribute amongst them. But the selection of the key should be such that further duplication is not possible. The best solution for this problem is to use restricted keys. These are special keys that are made by approved locksmiths and are not easy to duplicate, even by a disreputable person.

 You should create a log

When you start distributing keys amongst your employees, you should create a log mentioning the names of the key holders along with the area they can access using the keys. Besides, the log should include the key number, date when it was handed and returned so that it’s easy to identify the user. Creating and managing a log is a huge responsibility so you should keep it with a designated employee.

You should upgrade to codes

To strengthen the control of your property access, you should switch from traditional keys to coded lock systems. It will avoid the risk of key duplication and other property damages. The best part of using a coded lock system is you can change the codes as often as you want, which is an inexpensive step as compared to changing the keys. The codes should unique but a bit difficult for a layman to memorize.

You should implement a master key system

Using a master key system can save your money as well as can better control and appropriate access to the people. With this, you neither have to spend on key duplication nor on creating a log. The master key should be handed to responsible supervisors to provide accessibility to the doors and offices in their areas. Along with the supervisors, you can have a key that can unlock all the doors in your facility.

You should change locks regularly

Finally, the last and most effective step to ensure good quality entry control is changing the locks regularly. Whether you are using traditional locks or coded lock systems, you should replace them with new locks after a certain time. In case you have experienced a breach of security, replace them before the scheduled time.

Taking these steps will enhance safety in your premises but will not be complete without hiring a security guard in the UK. So you should keep a perfect balance between both.

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