Why and How to Secure Your Business During Christmas Week

For many businesses in London, Christmas can be the busiest time of the year. Supermarkets and even small retail shops see a sharp surge in shoppers, while restaurants and bars remain full of people celebrating Christmas with their friends and family. Even train stations and airports are bustling with seasonal travelers and tourists.

If you work in the retail, beauty, hospitality, or travel sector, you can imagine how busy Christmas week could be. Thus, it becomes critical to plan and prepare for this festive season in advance. While maximizing your revenue and profits are your priority this Christmas, one thing you must not ignore is security. When security is left ignored, you might be looking at a nightmare.

Hence, make the security of your business a part of your Christmas strategy and hire the best security company in London to keep earning without any worries.

Here at 1st SSS, we want you to enjoy the Christmas week without any threats. That’s why, today, we are going to share a few tips on how to prepare for the Christmas period.


More customers at your retail shop typically mean more sales. But that also means an even busier day for your staff. At times, they will be busy guiding and helping customers and thus, can’t pay enough attention to shoplifters and thieves. Without proper security, you might find yourself losing more stock than you are earning.

Hire extra retail security guards to protect your business, your shoppers, and your stock. Professional security guards can deal with instances of shoplifting better and your employees can focus on your customers more efficiently.


Pubs, bars, and restaurants experience a sudden boom as Christmas day gets closer. If throngs fill up your place quickly during Christmas, there are also chances of fights as many people get drunk too much. This is especially true during the “Black Eye Day” which falls on the last Friday before Christmas. Rowdy behavior of people can make things hard for your business.

Thus, it would be best to place licensed security guards at the entrance and a couple of them inside your place to better control access to your establishment and what happens inside. They will check the IDs, bags, and tickets of everyone entering your property and ensure that any aggressive behavior is properly dealt with.


From Christmas markets to funfairs to parties, every event needs high-level protection to keep your guests, workers, and the general public safe against any dangerous circumstances. Big outdoor events are often the prime target for theft or vandalism, while small parties often have to deal with drunk and disorderly guests.

Take benefit of specialized security services for parties in London by hiring door supervisors and onsite security officers for important guests, the general public, and event or party setup. If you are hosting a big event, you can even benefit from mobile patrol, canine security teams, and temporary CCTV solutions.

For each business, the security strategy can vary greatly. No matter if your business remains open or closed during Christmas, secure it with the help of a trusted security company to celebrate Christmas without taking any stress about your business security.

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