What Are the Types of CCTV Cameras to Meet Residential Security Needs

Due to the increase in the number of crimes and anti-social activities, one’s security can’t be overlooked at any cost. Security cameras play a vital role to give us a sense of peace. They make us feel monitored and provide us with hard evidence if anything goes wrong.

CCTV cameras come in several configurations, providing a wide range to choose from. So if you are planning to get one for your residential property, you will require selecting the right type of camera depending on your needs.  Further in this blog, we will discuss what are the types of CCTV cameras to help you choose the best one.

Dome camera

It is the most common type of camera. A dome camera is the basic type of security camera, which is created for indoor installation. The name of this camera comes due to its dome shape structure. Their structure allows them to work in low-light or no-light settings due to the built-in infrared LEDs.

Bullet type cameras

These cameras are created to capture the visuals of a specific area as they are fixed to that area. They work perfectly as residential cameras. These cameras are thin and cylindrical in structure. Bullet-type cameras are further classified into Ultra Bullet. They are smaller in size and inexpensive.

C-mount camera

C-mount cameras are known to be slightly more advanced than others. They come with a detachable lens to allow the users to change and fit their needs. For instance, the standard CCTV camera lenses can only cover a distance between 35-40 feet. However, the C-mount camera can cover a distance beyond 40 feet with a special lens.

Day/ Night CCTV camera

These types of cameras offer you the advantage of operating in any kind of environment. This system doesn’t require any infrared illuminators as it can capture clear visuals in both normal and poorly-lit conditions. These are ideal for outdoor surveillance where infrared CCTV cameras cannot work properly. These come with a wide dynamic range to function in several conditions such as glare, direct sunlight, reflection, etc.

Infrared camera

These cameras are also known as night vision cameras. They have the ability to see through pitch-black conditions using infrared LEDs. These cameras are perfect to be used outside and where there is almost no lighting.

Varifocal cameras

You can zoom in and out using these cameras without losing focus on the image. Used in many reality shows, these cameras come with the quality to highlight the character according to the need.

Wireless cameras

These cameras may or may not be connected to the internet as not all wireless CCTV cameras are IP based. But some wireless cameras can use other modes of wireless transmission. Apart from the transmission method, these cameras offer extreme flexibility in installation.

We are ending this blog here. Lastly, we want to highlight that you can opt for a residential security service in London, to ensure the highest level of safety for your assets and loved ones.

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