Top 4 Solutions to Help Enhance Your Store Security

Shoplifting and store theft have become a serious issue for both small and larger retailers. These crimes not only affect a store’s bottom line but can put a retailer out of business if it is not addressed timely.

During the festive seasons and big sale days, busy stores are often overwhelmed with business and flooded with customers. As employees try to keep up with the high demand, many things go unnoticed.  Thus, retail shops, department stores and malls need to be more vigilant about loss prevention.

In order to help you with that, here is a list of solutions for improving your store security.


With lost protection retail security, you can rest assured that your property is in safe hand. The security guards will be able to deter and eliminate many issues, including theft, altercations, and the potential act of violence that can emerge in crowded environments. The professionals can handle all details in a way that ensures your store, employees, and customers are safe and that your customers can enjoy their shopping experience.

One of the best ways to improve your loss prevention strategy is to hire highly trained security guards. These are some of the factors in which security agency in London can help to prevent trade loss:

  • Detention of suspected shoplifters
  • An investigation into in-store theft and shoplifting
  • Follow-up
  • Protection of retail loss
  • Response to retail loss
  • Resolution for retail loss

You can install CCTV cameras in your stores if you are willing to invest a bit more in-store security. Although the camera can’t prevent crimes, they can monitor store activities 24/7. If you feel something suspicious, you can always take a look at the CCTV footage. The surveillance cameras and security guards are the best combinations to deter shoplifting and store theft.


Is using cameras a bit expensive for you? Well, you can consider mirrors then. It can serve as inexpensive yet effective tools for spotting shoplifting and other suspicious activities. Install security mirrors at blind spots to monitor those areas.

Typical blind spots include corners that are not too visible from the cashier’s viewpoint, as well as the places that are blocked by shelves or fixtures.


Staying up to date with your inventory is crucial to lose prevention. Poor stock control can lead to more misplaced items and unchecked discrepancies. That is the reason it is so vital to have an inventory management system that will make it easy for you to track merchandise.

As the needs for retail loss protection security and asset control continue to rise in London, it is essential that the department store and malls contact a loss prevention team with the required expertise to control theft and maintain positive asset control.

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